Time for Celebration

Posted by Larry Roth on 4/20/2021

As school year 2020-2021 draws to and end, I will be publishing information regarding activities occurring over the summer, programs to make up for academic loss over the past year, and facility improvements.   

First, an update on happenings here at 439.  At the end of  today (April 20th), the Class of 2021 will have 13 days of the K-12 journey remaining.  Grades pre-K-11 will have 20 days remaining.  As I told someone just the other day, this has been the shortest, longest year of my career.  I am sure it has been for many of our students and faculty as well.  As a student, I always considered the last day of school as the third-best day of the year.  For many, I am positive the last day of the school year ranks at the top for 20-21.

Our high school students recently completed a survey regarding the past year.  Two things were apparent.  They really like the new commons area and hate the masks.  I must say, your students have done an excellent job handling the trials of the past 13 months.  In fact, considering all the challenges that have been thrown at the world over the past year, our students' success are a reflection of their tenacity and the patience and support of their parents, educators, and community.

We are at the time of the school year that includes many celebrations.  This is the time of year for field trips, prom, end of the year concerts, student award nights, eighth grade promotion and the pinnacle of all celebrations, Graduation.  Although these may still look a little different, we are very excited about being able to keep moving closer to normal.  My hope is that on May 20th, our pandemic journey at 439 will be nearing the finish line as our faculty concludes the academic year.

We look forward to the celebrations in the last 20 days of the school year.  Thank you for everything you have done to get us where we are today.