September 4th, 2023 Update

Posted by Ryan Suppes on 9/4/2023 1:00:00 AM

We have color down on the track surface! 
  • Gym Addition:
    • Metal Panels arrived and crews have started installing them at the Gym Addition entry and will then move to the HS entry panels directly following.
    • Flooring/Painting/Finishes are nearly all complete and we’re starting to clean many of the spaces
    • We’re missing a few millwork items from our supplier we’re waiting on but most of the cabinetry is set in the concessions room
  • Sitework:
    • Roberts Concrete poured the new runways/pits for the long jump area. We’re working to get sand and backfill completed in the coming week.
    • Hellas crews have finished their top coating for the trach and D zone area. Now all that is lacking is the striping. They’ll come back later to surface coat the high jump once that concrete cures and they have crews in the area.
    • RBP Painting is in the process of painting the grandstands and OH what a little paint will do! Looking good.
    • Kilian Electric has replaced lamps in the lights and adjusted the direction a little. They’re come back in the evening to see if they have all the dark spots better lit and good coverage.
    • Chainlink fencing is also being installed around the track and site
  • Existing Gym Entry Remodel/Expansion:
    • Crews have installed the exterior sheathing
    • Air barrier crews will be out next week for this area
    • Aluminum storefront was measured for the new openings
    • Final Metal Panel measurements will be taken next week


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