Letter to Parents and Patrons

Parents and Patrons,

As academic services and responsibilities of today’s public schools continue to expand, the space needed for our students’ education is ever changing.  Two examples here at Sedgwick Public Schools include the addition of a preschool program and moving the JH/HS library to the conference room to allow secondary students their own lunch room and common learning area.  In addition to the space needed for our students to learn, the needs of our community continue to grow for events, physical fitness, and activities.

It has been nearly twenty-five years since the district’s last bond project.  It has been nearly 15 years since the district’s last major addition which included the 5th and 6th grade classrooms.  Two summers ago, the science labs were renovated.  Currently, plans are being developed to install a new HVAC system in the elementary classrooms this summer, replacing the window units.  Even with the improvements over the past twenty-five years, much of the elementary and secondary building interiors remain the same since construction in 1957 and 1969.

To continue to offer our students a great and secure educational experience, the USD 439 School Board, Faculty, and Steering Committee have spent significant time over the past two years discussing facility needs of the district, learning environments, and community needs for both today and tomorrow.  Several projects have been identified including:

  • Connecting the buildings
  • Remodeling existing space
  • Centralized Library and Learning Space
  • Centralized building level offices and teacher workroom
  • Auxiliary Gymnasium, Weight Room, and tornado shelter
  • Exploration of New Track and Football Field possibilities

As discussions continue, plans, ideas, and possibilities will be presented to the community on the Project Connect web page.  At this time, the steering committee is asking for your help.  If you would like to assist in the next and very important steps in this planning process, please go to the following link to find more information:  Project Connect

Thank you for your help with these very important next steps in planning for the education of our students of today and tomorrow.


Larry Roth

Superintendent of Schools

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