Level Yellow Questions and Answers

Posted by Larry Roth on 11/4/2020

Now that USD 439 has moved into the Yellow Level, there will certainly be questions from parents and students.  We will answer your questions the best as we can here on our district website.    Please send your questions including technology concerns to support@usd439.com.  Check this website frequently to be able to view the most current questions and answers.

Question:  Are their resources available if I am worried about my student social/emotional wellbeing?

Answer:  Mrs. Lynch has provided a letter to students and parents that can be accessed at this LINK.  Other helpful resources are available at the KSDE website and is accessible through this LINK.

Question: Will the lunches/breakfasts that are provided for the remainder of the week, during hybrid,  be what is listed on the menu or will they be alternate options?

Answer:  Lunches for Thursday and Friday (November 5th & 6th) will follow the current menu.  Next week, lunches will be alternative lunches.  An updated menu will be provided as soon as possible.

Question:  When and how often will the district's current level be reevaluated?

Answer:  Since August, the Learning Options Committee has met weekly to review our county data.  This committee consists of parents, faculty, administrators, people from the health community, and board members.  This committee will continue to meet each week.  Now that we are at a higher level than Green, it is anticipated that our Board of Education will hold meetings every other week to determine to review our numbers, If numbers have stabilized, dropped, or increased the board will determine the most appropriate level.  This bi-weekly meeting is not set in concrete as this decision has not been officially made by the board as of yet.


Question: How does this impact sports/ practices?  

Answer:  At this time, moving to Level Yellow does not impact junior high and high school sports and practices.   During Level Yellow a cap may be placed on attendance.  The Kansas State High School Activity Association has set 50% capacities for all post season play for fall sports.  We followed these guidelines last week and the 505 capacity will  apply this Friday.  KSHSAA may have further guidelines  for winter activities as the season gets closer.

Practices will continue after school as normal and will include all atheletes each day.  Safety guidlelines are crucial before, during and after practices.  Also, it is important for our students to understand that daily school attendance is required in order to practice and participate in activities.  This applies to on on-site learning days and remote days.