Letter to Parents (Bus Expectations)

Posted by Larry Roth on 2/26/2018

Dear Parents

One of this district’s most important functions is to provide safe transportation services for students to and from school each day.  Student behavior is an important part of transportation safety.  Because there have been a number of behavior issues reported on our route buses, this letter is being sent to all parents who have a student who is on our transportation list.   Below are general behavior expectations for students who ride the bus:

  • Follow directions from the bus driver.
  • Stay seated at all times while the bus is moving.
  • Use appropriate language and voice level.
  • Be respectful to others and their property.
  • Sit in the seat/area assigned by the driver.
  • Keep the walkway clear from backpacks and other belongings.
  • Follow rules posted in the student handbook.

Bus Discipline Policy -  Students are expected to demonstrate bus appropriate behaviors while being transported.  Violations of bus rules will be addressed as follows:

Step One - Bus driver will hold a conference with the student and the building principal will notify parents.

Step Two - Student may be denied the privilege of riding the bus for three (3) days by the building principal.

Step Three - Student may be denied the privilege of riding the bus for five (5) days by the building principal.

Step Four - Student may be denied the privilege of riding the bus for the remainder of the semester by the principal.

Note:  The building principal will initiate corrective action according to the severity of the offense and is not bound by the sequence of disciplinary actions.

We hope that you will discuss the expectations noted above with your student(s).  You can find the student handbooks on the district web page at www.usd439.com.  As an added measure of security, the district will soon be adding cameras to each bus.  We will continue to be committed to providing safe transportation services for our students to and from school.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at 316-772-5783.


Larry A Roth