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Posted by Larry Roth on 9/8/2017

New Season, New Scorboard

New Season, New Scoreboard

One of the best parts of of my job is to see the vision of others come to fruition.  A number of months ago, the high school administration began talking about the football scoreboard.  It had seen a lot of Cardinal wins, a few heartbreaking losses, and many seasons.  It was getting pretty tired.  As the discussion continued, area businesses and community members began to rally around the idea.  It was fantastic to see the district and community working together on this project.  As great as that was, it wasn’t the best part.  The best part was the finishing touch.  As the schoolyear started, Mr. Stauth’s welding students began working on the scoreboard's top.  Mrs. Werth's art students were involved in painting.  As you can see in the picture, many students were involved.  While they were finishing the project today, I got to thinking that years from now, these young men will say, “I helped make that happen.”  Education isn’t all about textbooks and assessments.  Its about being part of it.  These memories will last a lifetime.  How exciting is that?  Thank you to all who made this happen.  Thank you to our generous donors.  Great job Mrs. & Mr. Davison!! Great Job Mr. Stauth, Mrs. Werh and students!!  Great job Sedgwick!!  Great job Cardinals!!