• Gold Star Award

    Posted by Larry Roth on 3/6/2020

    Gold Star Award

    The Gold Star Award is awarded to USD 439 Faculty who have gone above and beyond for their students, school or community.  On behalf of the district, I offer my sincere appreciate for their dedication to their students.

    Gold Star

    Gold Star Awardees:

    Katie Lynch - Tackling National Student Clearinghouse (2-14-2020)

    Cristie Francis - Tireless Work with Cheer and Dance Teams (2-20-2020)

    Cheryl Conrady & Melissa Evans - "Sedgwick Poppers” Student Video" (2-26-2020)



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  • Bus Expectations

    Posted by Larry Roth on 3/6/2020

    Dear Parents

    One of this district’s most important functions is to provide safe transportation services for students to and from school each day.  Student behavior is an important part of transportation safety.  Because there have been a number of behavior issues reported on our route buses, this letter is being sent to all parents who have a student who is on our transportation list.   Below are general behavior expectations for students who ride the bus:

    • Follow directions from the bus driver.
    • Stay seated at all times while the bus is moving.
    • Use appropriate language and voice level.
    • Be respectful to others and their property.
    • Sit in the seat/area assigned by the driver.
    • Keep the walkway clear from backpacks and other belongings.
    • Follow rules posted in the student handbook.

    Bus Discipline Policy -  Students are expected to demonstrate bus appropriate behaviors while being transported.  Violations of bus rules will be addressed as follows:

    Step One - Bus driver will hold a conference with the student and the building principal will notify parents.

    Step Two - Student may be denied the privilege of riding the bus for three (3) days by the building principal.

    Step Three - Student may be denied the privilege of riding the bus for five (5) days by the building principal.

    Step Four - Student may be denied the privilege of riding the bus for the remainder of the semester by the principal.

    Note:  The building principal will initiate corrective action according to the severity of the offense and is not bound by the sequence of disciplinary actions.

    We hope that you will discuss the expectations noted above with your student(s).  You can find the student handbooks on the district web page at www.usd439.com.  As an added measure of security, the district will soon be adding cameras to each bus.  We will continue to be committed to providing safe transportation services for our students to and from school.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at 316-772-5783.


    Larry A Roth


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Old Cardinal

    Superintendent's Note

    School Year 2019-2020 has been a busy year.  Along with our fantastic students and faculty coming in every day to work hard towards each student's future, the district has several major projects this year. 

    • Special Education Services - There are some significant changes occurring within the special education services provided to our students.  Interlocal 618 which serves 9 school districts will be changing to three cooperatives.  Along with Burrton and Valley Center,  Sedgwick will become a member of the Ark Valley Special Education Cooperative.  Our goal is to maintain the current excellent services for our students.  It is anticipated that Sedgwick's current special education staff will continue to provide services within our districts.  The change from Interlocal 618 to the Ark Valley Cooperative will occur July 1, 2021.
    • Facilities Upgrades - For the past year and a half, the steering committee, staff, community, and Board of Education have been discussing facility needs for the district.  The last bond passed was in 1997 resulting in the main gymnasium, classrooms, fine arts facilities, and the multipurpose facilities.  The last major upgrade was the five classrooms and safe room at the grade school.  Please stay tuned for more information regarding this next step for Sedgwick Public Schools.
    • Preschool - As the district continues to move forward with the Kansas State Department of Education's vision "Kansas Leads the World in Educational Success, prekindergarten readiness is a key factor.  Most importantly, this program will provide opportunities for our students, families, and community.  Mrs. Scott is working diligently to develops this program.  If you have a preschool age child and are interested, please contact the grade school at 316-772-5783 Opt. 2.

    As we take steps towards the future, we appreciate everyone's input and support in our efforts to continue to provide 21st century services to our students . 

    Larry Roth