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  • Physical Fitness Facility

    Posted by Larry Roth on 4/6/2021


    During the academic day, scheduling for both buildings is tied to gymnasium space.  The concept below adds an auxiliary gymnasium that would give elementary students their own space to use throughout the day.  This would add alternatives to indoor recess during  inclement weather and space for other class activities.

    Physical Fitness Facility  
    The auxiliary gym also provides an additional practice gym for extracurricular activities.  As many coaches and parents know, scheduling gym use can be problematic due to the number of teams that need to practice.  During basketball season, high school practices and junior high practices take up a good part of the evening leaving our younger rec. teams  practicing later in the evenings.  The auxiliary gym would provide additional space to allow for more simultaneous practices.

    First Floor

    Currently, the weight deck is above the locker rooms in the old gymnasium.  The current location is small and not ADA accessible.  In addition, because of damage from years of weights, the district repaired the ceiling below the weigh deck last year.  All the concerns would be remedied by having a weight room on the first floor.  In addition, the weight room would serve as a storm shelter in the event of a tornado while the facility is in use.
    The addition of a cardio exercise area would include stationary exercise equipment.  This area would be used for physical education classes for conditions as well provide additional equipment to help athletes prepare for extracurricular activities.

    Second Floor

    The image above depicts a possible walking track that would be on the second floor and above the gymnasium.  This would allow an additional option for exercise during the day and in the evening.  One of the goals is to have hours when the auxiliary gym, exercise areas and walking track  is open to the public.  
    As with the plans shared previously,  these spaces are concepts and may change in design to enhance functionality, appearance, efficiencies, or final cost.  Please feel free to contact the Steering Committee for ideas or if you would like to join the team as focus begins on these subprojects.  projectconnect@usd439.com
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  • Conceptual Building Connection

    Posted by Larry Roth on 2/22/2021

    Connecting the buildings is one of several projects that will be introduced as the facility plans progress. Other proposals listed on the Project Connect site will be posted as concepts and ideas are further developed.   

    As discussions of a potential facilities project began, one of the objectives was connecting the elementary school and the JH/HS.  The goal was later broadened to accomplish two primary objectives.  The first objective is to provide a secure route between buildings while also protecting students from inclement weather during transitions.  The second objective is to open much needed space within each building.

    Building Connection

    The addition of a centralized library will meet several of the district's goals including opening classroom space used by the current libraries and allowing resources for all students in one location.  In addition, the library will include an open learning space for classroom activities, presentations, board meetings, and community meetings.  A computer lab has been included and can also be used for additional classroom space.  By combining the libraries, a shared librarian or library aid would manage the resources for all students in one area.     



    Centralized building level offices will bring more efficient, safe and secure entrances for students, parents, and visitors.  A shared office space will also centralize student support personnel such as counselors and the school nurse.  It would include small conference rooms and one large conference room.  In addition, by adding office space, current offices throughout both buildings would be repurposed as support services offices,  space for special education support services such as the school psychologist, social worker, speech therapist, and occupational/physical therapist and as space for working with small groups or individual students.  And lastly, one central teacher workroom would be readily available to all teachers.  This would also add efficiencies as materials and equipment would be located in one area.           



    At this time, these spaces are concepts and may change in design to enhance functionality, appearance, or efficiencies.  Please feel free to contact the Steering Committee for ideas or if you would like to join the team as focus begins on these subprojects.  projectconnect@usd439.com


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  • Project Connect - Use for this space

    Posted by Larry Roth on 2/17/2021

    This page is designed to highlight current plans, ideas, conceptual drawings, and scheduled events for the next step in USD 439's goals to educate students in modern, up-to-date, and competitive facilities.  Please check-in frequently for announcement and planned events. If you would like to join or contact the Steering Committee, please email projectconnect@usd439.com

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  • Request for Qualifications

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  • Request for Qualifications - Newspaper

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  • Letter to Parents and Patrons

    Parents and Patrons,

    As academic services and responsibilities of today’s public schools continue to expand, the space needed for our students’ education is ever changing.  Two examples here at Sedgwick Public Schools include the addition of a preschool program and moving the JH/HS library to the conference room to allow secondary students their own lunch room and common learning area.  In addition to the space needed for our students to learn, the needs of our community continue to grow for events, physical fitness, and activities.

    It has been nearly twenty-five years since the district’s last bond project.  It has been nearly 15 years since the district’s last major addition which included the 5th and 6th grade classrooms.  Two summers ago, the science labs were renovated.  Currently, plans are being developed to install a new HVAC system in the elementary classrooms this summer, replacing the window units.  Even with the improvements over the past twenty-five years, much of the elementary and secondary building interiors remain the same since construction in 1957 and 1969.

    To continue to offer our students a great and secure educational experience, the USD 439 School Board, Faculty, and Steering Committee have spent significant time over the past two years discussing facility needs of the district, learning environments, and community needs for both today and tomorrow.  Several projects have been identified including:

    • Connecting the buildings
    • Remodeling existing space
    • Centralized Library and Learning Space
    • Centralized building level offices and teacher workroom
    • Auxiliary Gymnasium, Weight Room, and tornado shelter
    • Exploration of New Track and Football Field possibilities

    As discussions continue, plans, ideas, and possibilities will be presented to the community on the Project Connect web page.  At this time, the steering committee is asking for your help.  If you would like to assist in the next and very important steps in this planning process, please go to the following link to find more information:  Project Connect

    Thank you for your help with these very important next steps in planning for the education of our students of today and tomorrow.


    Larry Roth

    Superintendent of Schools

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