• Q & A


    How early can I drop my kids off?

    Students should not be on campus until 7:40 am.


    What time does school actually start?

    The school day actually starts at 8:15.


    What time do the half-day pre-k classes start & end?

    The AM class is from 8:15-11:15 and the PM class is from 12:30-3:28.


    What time is dismissal?

    Bus students are dismissed at 3:16 & all other students are dismissed at 3:20.


    If my child comes at 8:10 or 8:15 can they still have breakfast?

    They can, but they will be counted tardy if they are not in their classroom by 8:15.


    My child won't be at school. What should I do?

    Contact the office.If you do not, they will be marked unexcused and you will receive a call or email.


    What happens if my child is tardy?

    The school day starts at 8:15 and we begin teaching at that time.  It is essential your child is at school ontime.  We do realize that sometimes things come up.  If your child is tardy, they will get a tardy pass from the office and go to class.  If your student accumulates 3 unexcused tardies you will receive a letter from Mrs. Scott. If your child receives 6 unexcused tardies a meeting will be scheduled with Mrs. Scott to try to figure out what needs to be done to get them here on time.  


    If my child needs medication, what do I do?

    All medication that need to be given throughout the day, including cough drops, and other over-the-counter meds, need to go through our school nurse, Mrs. Mosiman. You can contact her by calling the office or emailing kmosiman@usd439.com


    How do I get my Powerschool parent password?

    contact support@usd439.com 


    What do I do if I need to change my child's after-school plans?

    Please call the school before 2:45pm.  Any calls received after 2:45 may not make it to the classroom.


    What do I do if my child wants to ride home with their friend that rides the bus?

    If your students do not normally ride the bus, they MUST have a note from their parents to hand to the bus driver before being allowed to ride.  If your child normally rides the bus but wants to be dropped off at a different location, please contact our transportation director, Kermit McGinn, kermitmcginn@usd439.com 


    What do I do if I want to have lunch with my child?

    If you are eating a school lunch please contact the office by 9am to ensure we get you included in the lunch count.  If you are bringing your own lunch, please sign in at the office.


    Can I bring birthday treats for my child's class?

    Sure!  Please contact your child's teacher to schedule a time to bring them in.  Your child's teacher will then let you know if there are any allergies to be aware of.


    Can my child bring birthday invitations to school?

    Only if there is one for every child in the class.  If not, you will need to make other arrangements.