Mrs. McGee's Study Hall


  • Mrs. Mystie McGee

    I was born and raised in Great Bend, Kansas. My family now resides in Halstead.  I started working in Sedgwick in 2004 as a special education para. In 2011, I took over as the At-Risk Coordinator for our district.  This has been my favorite position because it allows me to work closely with students both in the classroom and study halls to help them be more successful. We work on homework, missing assignments, and focus on reinforcing those skills needed for them to excel in their core classes.

    I am married with three children. My oldest son Steven served in the military for 11 years and is now figuring out life as a civilian. My daughter Kalee graduated from K-State and is a registered dietician in Florida. My youngest son Matt also lives in sunny Florida and works as a welder. Some of my favorite activities in my spare time are that I love being outdoors, hiking, walking, and just enjoying nature. I also love to read every book I can get my hands on! 

    I know this year will present many challenges none of us have experienced before, but I am excited to meet those challenges and help our students have the best year EVER!

  • If you have any questions, please contact me by email @ or you can contact the school at 316-772-5155 ext. 1204.

  • My 20-21 Schedule

    1st hr  8:05  - 8:54 - Junior High Study Hall

    2nd hr  8:57 - 9:46 - High School Study Hall

    3rd hr  9:49 - 10: 38 - High School Study Hall

    4th hr  10:41 - 11:30 - High School Study Hall

    CARD TIME 11:30 - 12:51 - Lunch/Card Time 

    5th hr  12:51 - 1:40 - High School Study Hall

    6th hr  1:43 - 2:32 - Math assistance

    7th hr  2:35 - 3:26 - Junior High School Study Hall