Degrees and Certifications:

Darren Crumrine


9-12 Business Education

K-12 Physical Education

Head Boys' Basketball Coach

 Phone:  316-772-5155 ext. 1705



    1.  Keep students safe

    2.  Lower anxiety about current situation

    3.  Make students laugh

    4.  Make students feel needed

  • Class Expectations:

    --Listen when someone is speaking.

    --Treat others as you would like to be treated. Develop working relationships that will help everyone be successful.  Everyone must learn to work together and share knowledge.

    --Don’t be afraid to fail. Deadlines for projects may be extended if creative and innovative approaches are being utilized.

    --Bring all required materials to class.


    --Develop communication, thinking, problem-solving, interpersonal and self-directional skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century.

    --Learn academic content through “real-world” examples and applications.

    --Set and meet high standards and goals for one’s self and others.

    --Transfer learning from one domain to another.

  • Grading Policies:

    A variety of evaluation methods will be used since some are more appropriate and more practical for assessing learners' progress toward certain objectives.  Evaluation methods used will depend on (a) the kind of knowledge, skill, or attitude represented in the objective to be evaluated, (b) the number of learners to be assessed.


  • Google Classroom:

    All student assignments can be found on their Google Classroom page.